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Tsingtao Beer gives cheers to the world
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Tsingtao Beer gives cheers to the world
Tsingtao Beer held a news conference themed "Cheers to the World" on Aug 11 in the coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province. People of all colors, different backgrounds and different nationalities, gathered together for Tsingtao Beer.
Tsingtao Beer holds a news conference themed "Cheers to the World" on Aug 11 in the coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province. 

During the conference, 100 global representative consumers received honorary medals of global consumer advocates from Sun Mingbo, chairman of Tsingtao Beer, and other senior executives.
Representative consumers shared their Tsingtao Beer stories. Bryn from Australia said that he tried Tsingtao Beer for the first time at a Chinese restaurant in Melbourne in 2014 and loved it. Carson from Canada said that he felt refreshed after having his first can of Tsingtao Beer on a mountain in Canada.
Sebastian from Argentina shared a more interesting story. His family has their own business, and a few years ago, while having dinner at home, he used to drink Tsingtao beer on occasions, and his entire family thought it tasted great. So they planned to import Tsingtao Beer to Argentina. One year later, their business started picking up. "We are surprised that this beer has spread so fast in our country!"
A model from Kenya dressed in her local costumes presents Tsingtao Beer at the exhibition area. 

At the exhibition area, models from the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Australia, Kenya and Argentina, dressed in their local costumes stood in front of their countries' "classic architecture", saying "Hello! Cheers!" while holding the Tsingtao Beer. Tsingtao Beer and these countries have all had successful trade cooperation.
Sun Mingbo, chairman of Tsingtao Brewery delivers a speech at the news conference. 

According to the Chinese Brand and China National Image Research Report released by the International Communication Studies Center of China International Publishing Group, in terms of consumer awareness, Tsingtao Beer is recognized by up to 90 percent of the population in some countries, primarily recognized in the developed countries in Europe and the United States.
Latest three year results show that Tsingtao beer is more popular in developed countries than in developing countries.
Artists play world classic national music at the news conference held by Tsingtao Beer on Aug 11 in Qingdao, Shandong province.

Music does not have any languages. World classic national music including A Night at Moscow Suburb, Maira, Aida and The Five-star Red Flag Flies High brought guests into a journey of music around the world.
Italian singer Irene and an employee of Tsingtao Beer Zhao Li got together and sang I Love You, China and My Sun.
Renowned Chinese star Huang Xiaoming, the CBO of Tsingtao Beer, attended the news conference. Huang praised Qingdao on their three treasures: Tsingtao Beer, local people and scenery.
A group of Tsingtao Beer products with new designs were revealed, attracting the attention of the guests at the conference. Meanwhile, Tsingtao Beer also revealed a limited edition of the "100 national souvenir bottle" gift box for 100 different countries.
Tsingtao Beer products with new designs are revealed at the news conference. 
"It's an honor and pleasure to come to China to be a part of this event. Chinese brands influence Chinese culture, and Chinese culture gives the brand an unlimited vitality. Through the brand, we witnessed China's unique scenery," said a couple from Nepal.
Recently, Tsingtao Beer launched an activity themed "following Chinese brands to witness China". It invited international friends from countries along the Belt and Road routes, including Nepal, Kenya and Sri Lanka, to come to China and learn about China and Tsingtao Beer.
Tsingtao Beer has laid out the blueprint for the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2016, Sri Lanka's capital city of Colombo held "Tsingtao beer night in Sri Lanka", which further improved its brand influence in South Asia.
Renowned Chinese star Huang Xiaoming, the CBO of Tsingtao Beer, attends the news conference. 

In recent years, China has expanded its global circle of friends through the Belt and Road Initiative and promoted the globalization of economy and trade.
Tsingtao Beer, with its history of over a hundred years, will show the high quality of Chinese products to the whole world. It will explore new markets in countries along the Belt and Road routes and also help China with its brand influence.


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