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What Does People's Drinking Styles Tell
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People who are into drinking beer are easily attracted by new things. They like art and are good at getting along with others. However, they are fickle, so it can be difficult to be certain of their behavior.
People who need dishes when drinking beer are used to relying on their intuition in making decisions. They hope their Mr. or Mrs. Right is good looking. Positively speaking, they can observe traditions. Negatively speaking, they are more or less selfish, focusing on their own needs.People who like chatting when drinking tend not to be concerned about details in their lives. They are honest, and they like asking about trivial matters around them.
People who drink beer directly from the bottle don't like being restricted. They have a strong sense of momentum, honesty and straightforwardness. However, their straightforwardness tends to hurt other people unconsciously.
People who like drinking frozen beer are strict with their life standards. Their zeal can also delight people around them.
People who like adding ice to their beer are dreamers to some degree. They are romantic, smart and easygoing. But they often tend to drift away from reality.
People who like drinking dark beer are fond of adventure. They have noble dreams and aspirations, but they are also addicted to speculation in life.
People who only smoke when drinking are thinkers. They have strict standards for themselves and other people. However, they are somewhat persistent, unlikely to make changes once assured of their goals.
People who like drinking beer with friends are sociable and value friendship


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