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Chinese Drinking Etiquette
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If you are at a bar, don’t be shy about saying that you don’t want to drink anymore. The Chinese people I have met can hold their liquor (most of the time). Don’t feel the need to keep up.
Unlike Europeans (and a select few in-the-know Americans), in China, looking someone in the eye when you toast is not imperative. It actually never happens. Don’t be offended, or wait for them to look you in the eye.
Don’t worry about what the books say, “gan bei” does not mean you have to finish your drink (despite the literal translation of “dry cup”). Just take a sip and put your cup down.
Cold drinks are not usually served at restaurants in China. 98% of the time you will have a cup of steaming hot tea. Sometimes people will order a 2-liter of soda, but it us room temperature. About half the time, the beer is not cold. Asking for ice is okay, but don’t expect it to be available all the time.

Banquet Toast
As an old Chinese saying goes, the more you drink the deeper your friendship is. There is also a lot of knowledge on the table. The details are as follows:
1. In Qingdao and other parts of Shandong province, the host usually makes the first three toasts and then the co-host will make the other three toasts. After that the leading guest is supposed to toast the host for another three rounds. At last everyone could stand up and toast the others one after another.
2. It is common for many people to propose a toast together to one people , but you should not propose a toast to many people at a time unless you are a leader.
3. When you propose a toast, if you are not going to clink glasses, you can decide how much to drink according to the situation such as the drinking capacity and the mood of other people. But as a toaster it is not appropriate for you to drink less than the others.
4. When proposing a toast, if you are going to clink the glasses, it is really generous for the words goes like “I will finish mine, you at will!”


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