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How to Get the Best Drinking Experience
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Choose a quality beer. Raise and swirl the beer gently in the bottle to see its color and check the label. If the beer remains clear and transparent, then it is ready to drink. But if it turns cloudy and produces sediment with an acidic flavor, it is undrinkable.
Store the beer in a cool and dry place and keep it out of direct sunlight.
Choose the right glass. The drinking glass should be clear and cleaned so that one can enjoy the light blond color as the beer foams up. Use a bottle opener to pop off the cap. Pour the beer slowly at the center of the glass from a height of 3 centimeters. Then one can take a swig.
Beer should be consumed at a temperature of 8-15 C (46.4-59 F) after being chilled in the fridge. It can be served with dinner or just as a cool drink. One should drink beer moderately, less than one liter each time.
Sober up
Beer is ideal for drinking on its own without any juice or soft drink. Beer, with only 2-5 percent alcohol content, is a low alcohol beverage, but people may get drunk if they guzzle it.


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